Who’s the Star?

Who’s the star of your story? Probably — though not certainly — you! Perhaps you share the limelight with a co-star? Perhaps not. Just possibly you see yourself as a supporting actor in someone else’s story. Or you might consider yourself a character actor in an ensemble performance.

Whatever your answer, do the other people in your life see it the same way, or differently? I suspect that many interpersonal conflicts and misunderstandings arise from different perspectives about who the star is. And the happiest friendships and relationships may be based on a shared concept of roles.

Egotists always see themselves as the central person in the story of their lives. People they interact with need to accept subordinate roles, or there will be trouble. There can be only one prima donna! But there’s room for lots of supporting actors, so long as they know their places.

And if you are the star, keep this important thought in mind:

Life is too short to spend time with toxic people who don’t realize that you’re the star; or, even worse, who think they’re the star!


Author: Robert Mack

My training is in science, law and technology. I blog about happy subjects such as travel and desperately worrisome subjects such as Ebola and Trump.

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