The War

It’s an enormous struggle, with millions of combatants on each side. A fight to the death: Either we will destroy the enemy or they will kill us, including me.

I’m not particularly worried, however. My troops have fought many similar wars, and always won handily. One day our luck will run out, but not, I think, today.

I call them “my troops,” and I like to imagine that they are fighting for me. But in fact they fight because it’s what they do, they and their forbears stretching back to the dawn of time. They don’t take direction from me. They don’t even know that I exist! Yet they lay down their own lives without hesitation, so that I may live.

I support the fight in important ways. An army travels on its stomach, so I ensure that my troops are well supplied. I reduce unnecessary stressors and avoid extraneous distractions. Sometimes I even try to tip the balance in our favor with chemical warfare! But ultimately our success depends on my fighters winning their individual battles; without this we will fail.

We have many enemies. Even in peacetime there are constant skirmishes, which I rarely even notice. But war I notice. When the fighting is at its peak nothing else is important: winning is the only thing.



Author: Robert Mack

My training is in science, law and technology. I blog about happy subjects such as travel and desperately worrisome subjects such as Ebola and Trump.

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